Fans: Oh my gosh, One Direction is in America! I hope they have fun while they are here. I also pray that Eleanor and Danielle don’t miss the boys that much.
Me: I can’t believe that One Direction is in America. That means that if they are in the same time zone as me, we could be eating or going to sleep at the same exact time. When One Direction is in my state or even if they are far away, they will be on the same roads or highways as me. I could go on the same gas station as them, maybe. I wonder if they are eating the same food brands as me. I wonder if they will laugh at how funny people talk where I live. One Direction are going to be saying the city that I live in when I go to the concert. They could be eating at the same exact food chain that I have eaten at. How about if we ordered the same thing? Marry me.